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Yes, it’s coming, but never fear...fall will still have some wonderful sunny days and then... we’ll have winter, with lots of time to ski at Blue Mountain.  But that’s still to come.  This time out, our questions are about 1980’s albums during August and the beginning of September.  Now these were all # 1 albums, so if you remember the 80’s, then you weren’t really there (no, actually that was the ‘60’s and I don’t remember if I was there or not).  So put on your thinking caps and have at it.  

1.  The album is called “Mirage”.  It was the # 1 album (according to Billboard) for all of August, 1982 and the first week of September.  The group was a hybrid British/ American mixture that went through some turbulent personal issues.  There was one marriage and several relationships in this group that did not work out.  The biggest single hit from the “Mirage” album was “Hold Me”.  What’s the name of this group?     
2.  Here’s a question that should be a no-brainer.  Ben Affleck was just announced as the new Batman.  There’ve been a few in recent years – Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale.  Then of course in the 1960’s, there was Adam West, TV’s Batman.  In the summer of 1989, the “Batman” soundtrack dominated the  # 1 spot on Billboard.  What is the name of the musician who wrote and performed the movie’s soundtrack?         
3.  The Rolling Stones have been celebrating their 50th anniversary with year with a tour, and a tons of books.  Back in 1980, they also celebrated by having the # 1 album for most of the summer, from the last week of July, through all of August as well as the first week in September.  It was an ‘Emotional’ (HINT ALERT) time for the rock and roll legends.  Can you name this album?     
4.  During the summer of 1988, one album dominated the Billboard charts.  In July that year, it toppled Van Halen’s “OU812” album and remained there for six more weeks (although not consecutively).  You’d have to have been ‘Def’ (HINT ALERT) not to have at least heard of this album, but don’t get ‘hysterical’ (HINT ALERT) if you can’t think of it.  Do you know the name of said album?    
5.  Our last question concerns the hottest album of the summer of 1983.  This album replaced Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at # 1 for the week of July 23rd.  In total, this album was # 1 for 17 weeks.  The band was a three piece with a former school teacher as lead singer.  No need to call the Police (HINT ALERT), you should be able to catch the answer all by yourself.  What’s the name of this ’83 hit album?   

1.  Fleetwood Mac is the group we were looking for.  “Mirage” was the 13th Fleetwood Mac studio album and was released in June, 1982.  It was # 1 on Billboards’ album chart for 5 weeks.  Christine McVie and John McVie were married from 1968 until 1976, but that ended as did Stevie Nicks relationship with Lindsey Buckingham.      

2.  That would be Prince.  Pow!  Zoink!  Biff!   The soundtrack to “Batman” tore up the summer of ’89.  The week of July 22nd was the first time it hit # 1.  Then for the next 6 weeks, it fended off all comers (just like the real Batman would).  It was finally knocked off by “Repeat Offender”, an album from Richard Marx.      

3.  The Stones took centre stage on Billboards’ album chart during the summer of 1980 with their “Emotional Rescue” album.  For the week of July 26th, 1980, “Emotional Rescue” replaced Billy Joel‘s “Glass Houses” as the # 1 album.  “Emotional Rescue” was finally knocked out of the # 1 album spot by Jackson Browne’s album, “Hold Out” for the week of September 13th, 1980.        

4.  “Hysteria” from Def Leppard was the album in question.  It first took the # 1 spot for the week of July 23rd, 1988, stayed around at the top for one more week, then was replaced by Guns ‘N’ Roses “Appetite For Destruction”.  It then returned triumphantly for another week, only to be replaced by Steve Windwood’s “Roll With It” album for one week and Tracy Chapman’s self-titled debut album the next week.  “Hysteria” returned to the # 1 spot for the weeks of September 3rd, 10th and 17th.  Guns ‘N Roses “Appetite For Destruction” came back with a vengeance and knocked it from the top perch and hung around at # 1 for the next 3 weeks.       
5.  “Synchronicity” from The Police is the correct answer.  Gordon Sumner, aka ‘Sting’ was a school teacher before embarking on a full time music career and finding success with guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland.  “Synchronicity” was their 5th and final studio album.  The two best known singles from this album were:  “King of Pain” and “Every Breath You Take”, which was # 1 on Billboards’ Hot 100 chart for 8 weeks.  Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” only stayed in the top spot for 7 weeks, making “Every Breath You Take” the # 1 hit of 1983.  The title “Synchronicity” was inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of meaningful coincidence.      

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