Friday, June 4, 2010

Real names Trivia

Howdy, welcome to the blog. We'll start off with some real name trivia. Enjoy.

BEYONCE – Her real name is actually Beyonce Giselle Knowles. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Beyonce first became famous as a member of the group Destiny’s Child. Her father Mathew was the groups’ manager.

PINK – Whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and was performing in Philadelphia clubs by the age of 14. Her nickname, Pink, was given to her by friends because she blushed often and was easily embarrassed.

GENE SIMMONS – The KISS frontman with the tantalizing tongue and the hit TV show “Family Jewels”, was born in Haifa, Israel as Chaim Klein Witz. One of his early jobs included teaching 6th grade in the Spanish Harlem section of New York City.

LADY GAGA – The woman who changes outfits more often than Elton John goes by the real name of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She enrolled in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts at the age of 17. By 19, she was signed to Def Jam Records, but was dropped from the label 3 months later. She once recorded an EP of ballads with some friends from NYU under the name The Stefani Germanotta Band.

FRANKIE VALLI – The man with the amazing falsetto and lead singer of The Four Seasons, whose history is chronicled in the hit play “The Jersey Boys”, was
born in New Jersey, naturally, as Frank Castelluccio.

BONO – The U2 frontman and social activist is also known by his real name of Paul David Hewson. When U2 began, Hewson used the name Bono Vox, but eventually dropped the Vox.

ALICE COOPER – The ‘shock’ rocker and radio host of “Nights With Alice Cooper” heard on over 100 radio stations around the world, was born in Detroit, Michigan as Vincent Damon Furnier.

FLAVOR FLAV – He’s the guy with the giant clock around his neck, star of the reality TV show, “Flavor Of Love”, and former member of the group Public Enemy. His real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr.

STING – Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner is this former Police man’s real name. He was born in Wallsend, England and his nickname came from performing in a band called The Phoenix Jazzmen and he wore a black and white sweater with stripes onstage. One of his bandmates thought the sweater made him look like a wasp, hence the nickname Sting.

ICE-T – The former rapper and co-star of NBC-TV’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” was born in Newark, New Jersey. His parents named him Tracy Lauren Marrow. After the death of his parents, T moved to Los Angeles to live with his aunt in South Central LA. He got involved with local street gangs and eventually became a member of the West Side Rollin 30’s Original Harlem Crips.

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