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1990 was 25 years ago, but some of that music still sounds as fresh today as it did when it first came on the radio.  But how many # 1’s of the ‘90’s can you remember.  If you’re 25 or under, you might have a bit of a problem with this quiz, but everyone who grew up or throughout the 1990’s should zip right through it.  These # 1’s by the way could be either singles or albums, but all 5 questions are multiple choice anyway.  And we’re off and running...!

1.  Janet Jackson had an amazing year in 1990.  Four of her songs climbed into the North American Top Ten chart.  Two of them made it all the way to # 1.  “Black Cat” was one of those two # 1 hits.  Which of these Janet Jackson 1990 Top Ten hits also made it to # 1?  Was it: a. “Rhythm Nation”  b. “Escapade”  c. “Come Back To Me”   
2.  In 1994, Celine Dion’s hit “The Power of Love” was # 1 on Billboards’ Hot 100 chart for 4 weeks.  “Bump N’ Grand” from R. Kelly also stayed at the top of the singles chart for 4 weeks.  But one # 1 song from ’94 staved off all comers for 14 consecutive weeks.  What song was it?  a. “The Sign” by Ace of Base  b. “All For Love” from Bryan Adams/Rod Stewart/Sting  c. “I Swear” by All-4-One          

3.  Talk about a massive hit…“Whitney Houston’s 1992/93 mega smash song, “I Will Always Love You” was # 1 on the North American singles chart for 14 straight weeks.  Five of those weeks were in November and December of ’92.  The other nine weeks were the first nine weeks of ’93.  The song was a show stopper in the Kevin Costner/ Whitney Houston film, “The Bodyguard”.  Who wrote “I Will Always Love You”?  Was it:               a. Country star Dolly Parton  b. Record producer David Foster  c. Hit songwriter Diane Warren   

4.  Alanis Morissette was just inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the 2015 JUNO Awards this month.  Back in October 1995, her debut American album “Jagged Little Pill” climbed to the top of the album chart for 12 weeks.  Only they weren’t consecutive weeks.  “Jagged Little Pill” was the # 1 album for two weeks in October ’95, then got bumped by Mariah Carey’s “Daydream” album.  “JLP” returned to # 1 for one week in February of ’96, with 2Pac’s “All Eyez On Me” replacing it.  It jumped back to # 1 for three more weeks in March of ’96 before being replaced by The Beatles’ “Anthology 2” for one week, then Alanis was back on top for an additional 3 weeks and was replaced by Rage Against The Machine’s ”Evil Empire” album.  So that’s 9 weeks in total so far.  “Jagged Little Pill” hung around the Top Ten for the next three and a half months until the week of August 24th, when it zoomed back to # 1 for its final 3 weeks.  What album finally ended Alanis Morissette’s 12 week run at # 1?  Was it:         a. “Home Again” from New Edition  b. “No Code” from Pearl Jam  c. “Falling Into You” from Celine Dion          

5.  1991 was the year that Bryan Adams had his biggest hit EVER!  “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” climbed to # 1 for the week of July 27th and stayed there for 7 weeks.  It was a song featured in what 1991 movie?  a. “The Fisher King”  b. “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”  c. “Father of The Bride”  

1.  b. Escapade was the other Janet Jackson hit to make it to # 1.  It survived at the top of the singles chart for three weeks in March 1990 and was knocked off by “Black Velvet” from sultry Canadian singer Alannah Myles.  Although “Rhythm Nation” made its chart debut in November of 1989, it eventually stalled at # 2 in early January of ’90.  “Come Back To Me” also only made it to # 2 in August that year.  “Black Cat” was # 1 for one week in October of ’90.  A 5th Janet Jackson song, “Love Will Never Do (without You)” first charted in the middle of November 1990, but didn’t reach # 1 until the week of January 19th, 1991.        
2.  The correct answer is c.I Swear” from All-4-One.  It was the groups ONLY # 1 hit single, although in 1995, the All-4-One single, “I Can Love You Like That” did climb to # 5.  From 1990 until 2002, Celine Dion had four # 1 hits with “The Power of Love” being her first.  That was followed in 1996 with “Because You Loved Me”.  1998 saw the amazing success of James Cameron’s epic, “Titanic” and Celine’s hit song from that movie, “My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic)”.  “I’m Your Angel”, Celine’s duet with R. Kelly climbed into the top singles spot in early 1999.         

3.  If you answered a. Dolly Parton give yourself a pat on the back (but don’t hurt yourself).
Dolly had released “I Will Always Love You” in June of 1974.  It was the second single from Dolly’s album, “Jolene”.  Dolly says she wrote it for her former singing partner and mentor, Porter Wagoner.  Interestingly, the song went to # 1 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot  Country Songs chart TWICE…once in June of ’74 and again in October of 1982.  Dolly was the first person to have a # 1 record twice with the same song as a singer and three times as a songwriter (including Whitney Houston’s version).  Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” was # 1 for 14 consecutive weeks from November 18th until the week of February 27th 1993 and won the Grammy Award for ‘Record of the Year’ in 1993.  Whitney won the Grammy for ‘Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female”.

4.  If you guessed b. “No Code” from Pearl Jam, then you are absolutely correct.  The week of September 7th, 1996 was “Jagged Little Pill’s final stay at # 1.  “No Code” remained # 1 for the next two weeks and was replaced by New Edition’s “Home Again” for one week, then for the week of October 5th 1995, Celine Dion’s “Falling Into You” album commanded the top spot on the North American album chart.  Billboard Magazine ranked “Jagged Little Pill” as the # 1 best selling pop album of the 1990’s.  “Jagged Little Pill” won the Grammy Award for ‘Album of the Year’ in 1996, which made then 21 year-old Alanis Morissette the youngest artist in history to win that award.  She held that record for 14 years until 20 year- old Taylor Swift won ‘Album of The Year’ for “Fearless”.  “Jagged Little Pill” also won the Grammy for ‘Best Rock Album’, Alanis took home the Grammy statue for ‘Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female’ for “You Oughta Know”, which also won for ‘Best Rock Song’.         
5.  b. “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” is the movie that “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” was featured in.  It was co-written by Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen and Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange (Shania Twain’s ex-husband).  Kamen did the score for the movie and ‘Mutt’ Lange was producing an album with Bryan Adams in London, England at the time.  The song went to # 1 in 19 countries and sold over 15 million copies.  Composer Kamen died in 2003 after having scored dozens of motion pictures including “Die Hard 1, 2” and “Die Hard With A Vengeance”, “Lethal Weapon 1,2, 3 & 4”, “The Three Musketeers”, “Don Juan DeMarco” and “Mr. Holland’s Opus”. 

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