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It’s almost that time again – the Annual Collingwood Elvis Festival.  The happy event takes place in around Collingwood from July 25th ‘til July 28th.  There’ll be some very special guests, so check out the festivities as  To celebrate the 19th annual Collingwood Elvis Festival, until the end of July, all of our trivia quizzes will be about Elvis.  This time out, the questions are about Elvis movies.  A couple of them are multiple choice, so if you don’t have a clue, take a guess.  The others might be a tad tougher, but if you’re an Elvis fan, it won’t take a ‘hunka-hunka burning love’ to figure them out.   

1.  Which ONE of the following FOUR Elvis movies was NOT released in the 1950’s?
          a. Loving You  b. Love Me Tender  c. G.I. Blues  d. King Creole    His last came in 1974.  

2.  In “G.I Blues”, Elvis plays a U.S. Army specialist, stationed in Germany, who loves to sing.  What was his characters’ name?  Was it: a. Charlie Rogers  b. Lonnie Beale  c. Tulsa McLean          

3.  In the 1963 flick, “Fun In Acapulco”, Elvis’ leading lady later starred in the very first James Bond film, “Dr. No”, with Sean Connery.  Who is she?  (HINT:  Her initials are the same as a famous Hollywood film studio founded by Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and D. W. Griffith). 

4.  1968’s “Speedway” co-starred a singer/actress who’d previously had two # 1 hits, one with her famous father.  She is also the first singer to have a solo song on an Elvis soundtrack album while ‘The King’ was still alive.  Can you name this actress/singer?  (HINT:  Her father was the ‘Elvis’ of his era with screaming female fans).    

5.  “Clambake”, released in 1967, saw Elvis playing dual roles as the heir to an oil fortune who trades places with a water ski instructor at a hotel in Florida to see if woman like him for himself rather than his money.  One of Elvis’ co-stars in “Clambake” also co-starred with Elvis in ‘68’s “Speedway”.  This actor was the star of 3 hit TV series during the ‘60’s, ‘70’s and ‘80’s.  One of those series was “The Incredible Hulk” (and no, it isn’t Lou Ferrigno).  So what is the name of this actor?     


1.  If you answered c. G.I Blues, you know your Elvis movie chronology.  Paramount Pictures released “G.I. Blues” AFTER Elvis was discharged from the U.S. Army in 1960.   “Love Me Tender” came out in 1956, “Loving You” and “Jailhouse Rock” in 1957, and “King Creole” was released in 1958.

2.  c. Tulsa McLean was the correct answer.  Charlie Rogers was the name of Elvis’ character in 1964’s “Roustabout” and Lonnie Beale aka Panhandle Kid was the movie name of Elvis in 1965’s “Tickle Me”.   

3.  That would be Ursula Andress.  In “Dr. No”, Ursula played Honey Ryder.  In “Fun In Acapulco”, her character’s name was Marguerita Dauphin.  Her initials are UA, which are the same as the Hollywood film company, United Artists.     

4.  If you guessed Nancy Sinatra, congratulations.  The woman who took “These Boots Are made For Walking” in 1966 and “Something Stupid” in ’67, (a duet with her father, Frank Sinatra) to # 1, co-starred with Elvis in “Speedway”.  On the soundtrack album, Nancy sang a duet with Elvis (“There Ain’t Nothing Like A Song”) and sang a song on her own, “Your Groovy Self”.       

5.  Bill Bixby is the name we were looking for.  Bixby starred in three TV shows during his career:  “My Favorite Martian” from 1963 until ’66, “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” from 1969 until ‘72 and “The Incredible Hulk” from 1977 to ’82.        

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