Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Valentine’s Day is nearly here and in keeping with the mushy sentiments of the season, all of our questions this week have to do with love – either the word ‘love’ is in the song title or it’s in the song lyrics. As usual, there are 5 questions but each one is from a different decade. There’s a 50’s questions, a 60’s questions, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s AND each song in question was a number one hit. One warning though – the questions might not be sequential decade order, so pay close attention to the question.
This week, love will make you happy, especially if you answer all the questions correctly. so let’s give it a go!


1. By 1956, the King of Rock’N’Roll had scored five number one hits. His fifth chart topper had the word ‘love’ in its title and it’s not “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” – that was his second number one in ’56. So what’s the title of this song?
2. Back at the end of May 1966, a singer from Alabama took a certain ‘love’ song to number one on the singles chart for 2 weeks. Thirty years later, the song was number one again, courtesy of another singer/songwriter who also became famous for his mane of long hair. By the time he re-recorded this hit, this singer had already had 8 Top Twenty hits, including one number one. A previous hit for this artist was a re-recording of Otis Reddings’ only number one. Can you name the song and the singer?
3. In 1975, a song written (and originally recorded) by one of the most successful singer/songwriters of the 1960’s, went to number one and stayed there for 4 weeks. The song was recorded by a husband and wife duo that later went on to have a weekly TV variety show and 6 more Top 5 hits. They even made the charts with a Spanish language version of this same number one, although that one didn’t fare as well on the charts. Can you name the duo and their first number one hit?
4. You don’t need to be def to know this ‘love’ song from 1988. It was the only number one single for this ‘hard rock’ British band, but they had many other hit albums and singles, including “Hysteria” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me”. The question is – what’s the name of the band and their number one ‘love’ hit?
5. 1967 is often described as ‘The Summer of Love’. By then, The Beatles had over a dozen hits with three other number ones that had ‘love in the title’. In ’67, they had one only ‘love’ number one. It was a song John Lennon had written that was broadcast live around the world to hundreds of millions of viewers. All you need to do is guess the name of this Beatles ’67 number one.


1. Elvis took the title song from his first Hollywood movie, “Love Me Tender” to the top of the singles chart for 5 weeks starting on November 3, 1956.
2. In 1991, Michael Bolton, who’d already had a number 11 song with Otis Reddings’ “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay“ took Percy Sledges’ 1966 number one, “When A Man Loves A Woman” back to the top of the charts for one week.
3. That would be The Captain & Tennille who recorded Neil Sedaka’s song, “Love Will Keep Us Together” and put it on their debut album. The song first hit Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at number 98 in April of 1975. Nine weeks later, it was number one. The Captain (real name: Daryl Dragon) and (Toni) Tennille then re-recorded their self titled debut album in Spanish and the Spanish language version of “Love Will keep Us Together”, called “Por Amor Iviremos”, also hit the Hot 100 chart, which only made it as high as number 49.
4. Def Leppard had their only number one single in 1988 with “Love Bites”.
5. The June 1967 TV broadcast was called “Our World”. It was the first global television satellite broadcast, and was watched by 400 million people in 26 countries. John Lennon wrote “All You Need Is Love” and The Beatles performed it live from Abbey Road Studio One, accompanied by a small studio orchestra and surrounded by friends and family, including Mick Jagger, Graham Nash, Donovan, Keith Moon and others. The single that was released a few weeks later featured a new lead vocal by John Lennon. It became number one on Billboard’s single chart the week of August 19.

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