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Last time we gave you lyrics from 1960'hits and you had to guess the name of the song. This time we're back with lyrics from the 1970's. I'll make it a little easier in that ALL of these lyrics came from # 1 hits. So if you've been listening to the radio anytime in the past 40 years, you've probably heard these songs dozens of times.

So let's get started.


1. The lyric is: "I'm looking at my girlfriend, she's passed out on the floor. I seen so many things I ain't never seen before." Can you name the song these lyrics come from?

2. This lyric goes: "I feel like this is the beginning, 'though I've loved you for a million years. And if I thought our love was ending, I'd find myself drowning in my own tears". What's the title of that 1973 # 1 hit?

3. The lyric is: "And I know what a scene you were learning in. Was there something that made you come back again?" Time to name that tune if you can.

4. OK, here's an easy one, can you name the song these lyrics come from: "Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it, 'cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again."

5. Get your thinking caps on brothers (HINT HINT): "Well I built me a raft and she's ready for floatin', Ol' Mississippi, she's calling my name. Catfish are jumpin'. That paddle wheels thumpin'". What song do those lyrics come from, brother?


1. "Mama Told Me Not To Come" is the song. Three Dog Night is the group that made it a hit. It climbed to # 1 on July 11, 1970 and remained there for 2 weeks. The song was written by singer/songwriter/actor Hoyt Axton. You might remember him as the not-so-successful inventor dad in the 1984 movie "Gremlins". Hoyt's mother, Mae Axton, co-wrote Elvis Presley's first
# 1 hit for RCA Victor Records in 1956, "Heartbreak Hotel".

2. Stevie Wonder wrote it, sang it and took "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" to # 1 for the week of May 19, 1973.

3. It was a number one hit for the week of May 8, 1976. John Sebastian, formerly of The Lovin' Spoonful, wrote and sang "Welcome Back", and it was the theme song for Gabe Kaplan's hit TV show, "Welcome Back Kotter". The series also starred a young actor by the name of John Travolta.

4. This one was actually a hit twice. "MacArthur Park", written by Jimmy Webb, first hit the charts in 1968 with actor Richard Harris singing. That made it to # 2 on the singles chart. In 1978, Donna SUmmer re-did the song with a disco beat and took it all the way to # 1 in November of 1978. It remained # 1 for 3 weeks.

5. "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers is the song we were looking for. It was # 1 for the week of March 15, 1975 and was originally released as the 'B' side of a 45 rpm single with "Another Park, Another Sunday" as the 'A' side. That's the song the record company thought would be a hit. It wasn't. A DJ in the southern U.S. flipped the 45 over and the rest is record history.

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