Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hurray! Huzzah! Whooppee!!!

The Collingwood Elvis Festival is finally here (Thursday July 21 to Sunday July 24th), so if you're in the Collingwood, Ontario area (oh heck, even if you're in Columbus Ohio or Hartford, Connecticut), c'mon up to Collingwood and join in the celebrations of the King of Rock and Roll. There are hundreds of Elvis Tribute artists to enjoy, lots of incredible music and plenty of fun, fun, fun (wait that was a Beach Boys song, not an Elvis one).

True Elvis fans will once again have no problems with any of these questions.


1. While living and filming movies in Hollywood during the 1960's, Elvis met The Beatles. True or false?

2. Elvis worked with many female actresses throughout his movie career, including Barbara Stanwyck (1964's "Roustabout"), Tuesday Weld (1961's "Wild In The Country"), Mary Tyler Moore (1969's "Change Of Habit"), Shelley Fabares (1965's "Girl Happy",'66's "Spinout" & '67's "Clambake") and Ann-Margaret (1964's "Viva Las Vegas"). Which one of the following three actresses did Elvis NOT work with in any of his movies: a. Mary Tyler Moore b. Nancy Sinatra c. Ava Gardner

3. In 1968 Elvis starred in a TV special for Singer Sewing Machines as the sponsor. It later became known as the Comeback Special, but it was simply titled "Elvis", Which television network aired this special?

4. Where did Elvis and Priscella get married?

5. Linda Thompson was Elvis' girlfriend from 1972 until '76. Although she never married Elvis, she did later marry two other famous men (separately of course). One was an Olympic champion and the other was a 15 time Grammy Award winner. Can you name these two former husbands of Linda Thompson?


1. You betcha those musical icons of the 1960's met. Elvis was living at 565 Perugia Way in Bel-Air (an exclusive area of Los Angeles) and on Friday night, August 27, 1965, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr came a-callin'. They arrived at 10 o'clock at night, stayed until 2AM and a good time was had by all.

2. No trick question this time. The correct answer is c. Ava Gardner, although Ava DID co-star in a real-life marriage with another music idol. From 1951 until '57, she was married to Frank Sinatra. It was Ava's third and final marriage. Frank's daughter Nancy Sinatra (from his previous marriage) co-starred with Elvis in 1968's "Speedway"

3. NBC aired the "Elvis" special. NBC and RCA Victor, Elvis' record label, were both owned by General Electric so that may have helped NBC snag the King's special. Colonel Tom Parker had wanted Elvis to end the special with a Christmas tune, but producer Steve Binder convinced Elvis to sing a song especially written for the TV special called "If I Can Dream". "Elvis" aired at 9PM on December 3, 1958 and was the most watched TV special of 1968 by women 18 to 49 years of age.

4. Elvis and Priscilla Beaulieu became man and wife on May 1, 1967 in a suite at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. The two honeymooned in Palm Springs, California, then moved into a mansion in Beverly Hills. They divorced in 1973.

5. Linda Thompson went on to marry Olympic Gold Medal decathlete Bruce Jenner (he's now Kim Kardashian's step-dad) in 1981. They had two sons and divorced in '84. In 1991, Linda married Canadian born musician, record producer and composer David Foster. She filed for divorce from David in 2005.

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